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Tabletop small Round Vending machine gumball machine

Tabletop Round Ball Vending Machine

Discover the distinctive selection of tabletop round ball vending machine.

Factory Direct Supply MOQ: 2PCS

Lead Time: 3-15 Days

Packaging Details: One PC One Carton

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,

Customization: OEM/ODM welcomed

Warranty: 2 Years beside artificial damage

Supply Capacity: 5000PCS Per Month

Diverse Designs of Tabletop Ball Vending Machines

Dive into a myriad of styles with our tabletop round ball vending machines. Perfectly sized to fit any business need, from chic cafes to bustling arcades. Harness the power of Nynovending’s rich heritage in vending excellence.

Tabletop small Round Vending machines

Tabletop Round Ball Vending Machine


Unveiling the tabletop round ball vending machine, favorite for toys, candy, gumballs, and more. Compact and chic, it’s primed for peak performance on any tabletop.

Tabletop small Square Vending machine

Tabletop small Square Vending Machine


Behold our tabletop small square vending machine, blending style and substance for toys, candy, and beyond. A tabletop revelation where contemporary elegance meets classic charm.

Tabletop small Ball Globe vending machine

Tabletop Round Ball Globe Vending Machine


Embrace the global allure of our tabletop round ball globe vending machine. Catering to toys, candy, and more, it’s the preferred blend of tabletop flair and functionality.

Find Our Big Capsule Vending machine Styles

Capsule can be Up to 120MM / 47.24IN or custom more bigger per you need. Explore our expansive collection of big capsule vending machines. Every piece mirrors’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and affordability.

Additional Optinal Functions for Round Ball Vending Machine

Elevate your customers’ interactions with our tabletop round ball vending machine by choosing from a selection of optional add-ons. Whether you need a cash box, a counter, or specialized stands and racks, tailor your machine to meet your specific requirements. Discover the possibilities today!

Cash box for gumball, candy, capsule, bouncy ball vending machine

Cash box Optional


At the bottom of the product can add independent cash box which can be accommodating 150 coins.

Counter for gumball, candy, capsule, bouncy ball vending machines

Counter Optional


A new creative can add a counter on mechanical coin acceptor, then clearly know how much coins inside.


Stands & Racks Optional


Iron pipe stand and chrome pipe stand for choices.  Movable stands and racks with wheels .

Multi-Unit Gumball Machines Combo/ Racks


Single head, double head, triple head even more with different racks

Types of Wheel inside For Round Ball Vending Machine

Wondering if you can vend capsules, candy, or gumballs with the same machine? Our tabletop round ball vending machine offers a range of wheel configurations to ensure precise and reliable dispensing of your chosen items.

Candy wheel

(Can be used to sell bulk candy, beans and so on smaller than 1″ (25mm))

High strength nylon material, the wear-resisting degree is high

Gumball wheel for candy gumball vending machine

Gumball / Capsule wheel

(Can be used to sell 25 to 35 MM ( 1″-1.4″ ) gumball, capsule toys, bouncy ball, pinball, etc )

High strength nylon material, the wear-resisting degree is high

What are Advantages of Tabletop Round Ball Vending Machine

Elevate your business operations with our tabletop round ball vending machine. Compact, efficient, and designed for optimal user experience, they’re the embodiment of’s unparalleled expertise and value.

1.Space Efficiency:

One of the significant benefits of small tabletop round ball vending machine is their compact design, making them an ideal choice for locations with limited space.

Whether it’s a convenience store, a small shop corner, or a café, these machines can fit seamlessly without overwhelming the area.

Their size allows for easy installation and relocation, offering flexibility in placement to maximize foot traffic and potential sales.

2.Lower Initial Investment:

Compared to larger vending machines or arcade setups, a small tabletop round ball vending machine requires a lower upfront cost.

This is advantageous for new business entrants or those looking to diversify their offerings without a substantial financial commitment. Moreover, their affordable price point can result in a faster return on investment, given the right product and location.

3. Attractive to Niche Market:

Toy capsule vending machines have a nostalgic and novelty appeal, especially in the USA where they are less common than in places like Japan.

A small tabletop round ball vending machine can attract both children and adults, offering collectibles or unique items. For businesses, it’s an opportunity to cater to a niche market, generate additional foot traffic, and create an interactive experience for customers, enhancing overall engagement.

4. Versatile Product Range:

The tabletop round ball vending machine for sale hot usa stands out with its ability to dispense diverse items like toys, candies, gumballs, and bouncy balls. This flexibility caters to a broad audience, ensuring continuous interest and dynamic offerings.

5. Combination Possibilities:

The tabletop round ball vending machine offers the unique advantage of being combinable with stands, transforming it into a standalone vending unit.

This adaptability allows for greater presence and visibility, catering to various setups and enhancing its appeal in diverse locations.

Crafting Excellence: Tabletop Round Ball Vending Machine

Witness the art behind the creation. Each tabletop round ball vending machine is birthed through a meticulous process, ensuring top-notch quality and longevity that is renowned for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have queries about our tabletop round ball vending machine? Dive into a comprehensive FAQ.


1. For samples, around 3-5 working days.
2. For stocks, within 7 days can be shipped to loading port.
3. For mass production, it takes 15-25 days for production.
Note: More 7-10 days if custom design needed.

a. For small order, we usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT or air freight to door. You can receive in 5 days to 8 days.
b. For big order, we usually ship by sea, the shipping price is more cheaper than by air. You can receive in 15 days to 59 days.
c. If you want to buy many pieces machines, we suggest you choose shipping by sea.
Note: Different countries,may subtle shipping delivery time different as influenced by express divery man or Custom clearance.

a. Product cost:30% T/T Fee: You can decide to either pay the full amount or pay 30% of the full payment for the products. 70% Final Fee: Complete your payment within a certain period and receive the products you ordered for.
b. The express or sea freight shipping fee: This is the amount of money that you will pay for the transportation of your products from the factory to your doorstep or port. Nynovending offers you the convenience of any kind.
c. Other miscellaneous fees:It is sometime other fees relating to taxes, service fees, and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.

Different coins from different countries can be accepted by coin acceptor.
We also can customize coins or tokens per your need.
For electronic coin operated machine, it can accept 1-99 pieces coins even can tell whether fake coin or real coin.
Scan payment is available for some machines in our compan

Yes, some gumball vending machines can dispense toy capsules if they fit the wheel’s size. However, always check the machine’s specifications and consult the manufacturer to avoid jamming or multiple dispenses. provides delivery and installation services to ensure the machine is installed and ready to use with minimal disruption to your operations.

Import duties vary by country. Kindly consult your local customs office or a trade consultant to get accurate tariff rates and potential exemptions for importing bulk vending machines from China.

Nynovending has 17+ years of factory-direct expertise, producing high-quality bulk vending machines. Our dedication to impeccable craftsmanship, competitive pricing, swift delivery times and robust after-sales service sets us apart from competitors.

Yes, every tabletop round ball vending machine from comes with a two-year warranty beside artificial damage. We stand by our quality and ensure our clients have a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

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